TS-90 Moly Gear Concentrate

TS-90 Moly Gear Concentrate is an additive for all types of gear oils to lower friction and improve the film-forming capabilities of the oil.


TS-90 is made from a blend of high-quality polymers and moly. Added to finished oil, it coats all surfaces with a tough, slippery film.

TS-90 Moly Gear Concentrate is very resistant to degradation by high shear. The polymers help the oil to withstand higher loads than normal, while the moly substantially reduces friction and improves the extreme pressure, load carrying and anti-wear capabilities of gear oils.

Reduced friction lowers operating temperatures and allows moving surfaces to operate smoothly and quietly under varying load conditions.

Advantages include:
•    Greater energy efficiency
•    Reduced gear wear
•    Better gear performance through reduced friction
•    Protection during intermittent, extreme operating conditions
•    Improved gear noise levels


TS-90 is an additive designed to impart high performance benefits to finished enclosed gear oils. It is added to gear oils at a mixture ratio of 1:9 (10% treatment); that is 1 part of TS-90 to 9 parts of gear oil. A ratio slightly more or less is acceptable.


Base Fluids
Solid lubricants

Particle size (moly)

0.3 to 0.6 microns

Pour point, °F


Flash point, °F


Viscosity, kenematic, cSt @ 100°F

Timken test, of oil with TS-90, min
60 lbs
Shelf life
three years

NOTE: Do not use in crankcases of internal combustion engines