TS-209 O.G.L. Outside Gear Lubricant

TS-209 O.G.L. Open Gear Lube is an inorganic thickened, No.2, heavy duty, extreme pressure grease designed for spur and bull or rack and pinion gears with heavily loaded slow moving gears. Resistant to water wash-out.


TS-209 is a semi-synthetic grease with no melting point or dropping point and repels water. TS-209 adheres to both wet and dry steel surfaces with similar effectiveness.

TS-209 is a semisynthetic grease. It has no melting point and no dropping point, and it has excellent ability to repel water. TS-209 sticks to wet steel just as well as it sticks to dry steel.


TS-209 is designed for open gears that are heavily loaded and exposed to wind, rain, snow, sun, etc. It is an excellent multi-purpose grease for saltwater environments.


NLGI Grade
Penetration Worked (60 strokes, hot)
250 - 270
Synthetic Fluid:

     Viscosity @ 210°F, SUS


     Viscosity @ 100°F, SUS


     Viscosity Index, Minimum

Flash Point, °F
400, Minimum
Pour Point, °F
20, Minimum
Timken Test
50 lb. Minimum
Gulf Spray Washout Test @ 100°F
0.3 g. loss
Lubricating Solids
12 - 13%